MAD Corner by Marvin A. Dean

Back by popular demand, albeit with a new name. What was the old name? I disremember; it’s been so long since I last wrote a column. Oh yes. The Apple Corner.

Would you like to have a 40 GB hard drive in your clamshell iBook instead of the measly 3 GB that Apple originally provided? Guess what - you can. ‘Cause I just put one in my blue clamshell. And I owe it all to Victor Nazarian. No. he didn’t do it for me, but seeing him working on an iBook at the last (Sept ‘03) meeting gave me just enough of a kick to get me over the last hump on the road to working on my iBook.

I’ve had the wherewithal for some time. From somewhere or other, I had found a URL (<>) which gave (almost) complete instructions for the process; it should be noted that said instructions start with a caution: “Note that this (process) will void your warranty and probaly cause you considerable stress. Proceed at your own risk.” But they go on from there with stepped instructions and accompanying pictures on how to disassemble the iBook and then install the new hard drive.

And from somewhere else (The MacWarehouse monthly catalog?) I located a suitable hard drive (IBM Hard Drive Travelstar 40GNX 40GB 2.5 inch ATA for $155), which I ordered from MacWarehouse last February. Last February? Migod, way back then? And since then, it’s been getting lost and found while I moved from my house into a Co-op apartment.

Taking the clamshell apart was easy, especially following the instructions. I’ve always been able to take things apart. The only instruction I found difficult was keeping track of the screws and from where they came. I would offer the suggestion for the next brave souls that they tape the screws to their images, for the re-assembly process.

Finally, the disassembly exposed the original 3 GB hard drive. Zip, out with the old, in with the new, and start putting everything back together again. Ahhhh! Now which screw goes where? The parts are easy to relocate, but where do the @#$%^ screws go? We know that this set of screws are from the case. Forget them. And these obviously go there. But these other Philiips head screws come in a long and short (barely) version. Well, we can only try.

Hooray, we have it all together. Huh? What are these four screws left over? And this fifth one, the shortest of the lot? Anyhow, let’s see if it works. Yeah, way to go. It boots up fine. Forget the extra screws.

If it were only that easy!

(Time passes)

Here we go again, strip it down and try to get it right, stupid. Oh, oh. Stripped the head on one of the Phillips screws holding the modem phone jack; can’t get the screw out. (Maybe I won’t need to.) Keep going. Okay, now start reassembly the second time and keep your eyes open this time. Doin’ fine, doin’ fine.

Oops, one of the screws just fell. Onto my leg and off. Now where did it go? Don’t see it anywhere. Look under the sofabed: nope. Scrape across the floor with a two-foot straightedge: nada. Well, at least we know where that screw belongs. There are three screw holes around the keyboard space and only two screws left. So leave one hole empty, for the time being. And let’s see if it still works. Whadaya know, it works. And that annoying squeal when I open and close the case is gone.

But where is that screw? Look again. It still isn’t on the floor. Now where was I? Hmm, my old computer table (that I was using as a worktable), maybe it ended up on the shelf. Don’t see it, maybe if I clear out the keyboard from my old Performa 6300 –– And there she blows, right in the middle of the keyboard.

And a Merry Christmas to all.


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