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Mac OS X Killer Tips by Scott Kelby
New Riders Publications
Street price: 29.99
Review date: January 31, 2004

DESCRIPTION (What's it do? What's it got?): This is the must-own book for any level of Mac OS X users. Fun, a "good read," and it defines the term "dog-ear" (you know, folding that little top corner of the page to mark your place)as you find the gems Kelby provides for everyone from the newest beginner to the power user in all of us.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The appearance of this gorgeous book will grab you and the content will keep you. Plain English combined with easy to follow images and graphics are like no textbook I've ever owned, and I seem to be learning more this way. With a nod towards the musical at heart, like myself, with chapter titles that make me grin - even the corny ones - I found myself really wanting to read on. If you think you know OS X, this is not only validation, but you may even find yourself surprised by one or two of these "Killer Tips."

LIKES : As is the case with all of Kelby's "Killer" books, his writing style is easy and concise. I found that, even with tricks I knew, he put the explanation into words that I could convey better when asked. Again, this is one beautiful looking book as well.

Some great tips include ways to speed up any Mac, so this was terrific for me and my trusty ol' TiBook. There is info on how to remove some little personal annoyances (like bouncing in the dock) and shortcuts to access preferences. It made me want to run right to my Mac and try a whole bunch of the tricks I'd learned. From organization to optimization and just silly fun pranks, your Apple bookshelf is truly empty without this one, folks.

DISLIKES : Nothing, nothing, nothing. (Ok, so I found a type-o)

HOW DOES THIS PRODUCT COMPARE? : In this particular case, I wouldn't really compare this book to others, rather than to say that this is another book to have in the very front of your bookcase. Even after having sat with this book for a few weeks, I find myself grabbing it for reminders, hints and the occasional "didn't I see that in the book" references. Yep, it's all about the "dog-ears."

WHO MIGHT ENJOY THIS PRODUCT? Again, this is the book for anyone with a Mac using OSX.3.x.

FINAL THOUGHTS: You know, a lot of books come across my desk and I really do enjoy all of the perspectives, help and information by some really great authors. What I really want to say is this; every time I read a "Killer" book by Scott Kelby, I learn SOMETHING. When I see his presentations, I learn something. Kelby is direct, concise and informative for his audience on any level and you never get the impression that his work is over your head or "dumbed down." Get this book and enjoy it.


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