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Good until December 31, 2006


My name is Jane Amschwand. I work for Intego ( <> ) in business development and sales.  Earlier in the year, the Rhode Island Mac User Group (RIMUG) highly commended our anti-virus software, NetBarrierX4, in a review that was included in their monthly newsletter. We offered them a great price break on our software and would like to extend this same offer to your members.    

If you would be so kind as to forward the following offer to your membership list I would greatly appreciate it.  Here's the offer:

“Until December 31st, 2006, Intego is offering us 20% off the MSRP for all of their titles.  Intego, is the leading developer of Internet security and privacy software for Macintosh, Intego is the only company to offer a complete line of software that protects Macintosh computers from the dangers of the Internet. With more than 1 million users in over 60 countries, Intego is the leader for desktop Internet security and privacy software for Mac.

Intego software provides Internet security and privacy protection in four areas:

  • Personal firewall and Antivandal protection
  • Antivirus protection
  • Content filtering and parental control
  • Data protection
Intego software features innovative, user-friendly interfaces, as well as functions for both home users and seasoned network administrators. The company's programs have received dozens of awards from Mac magazines around the world, all of which stress the quality and ease-of-use of Intego software.

Since its founding in 1997, Intego has been firmly committed to supporting Macintosh computers and new innovations and developments in the Mac OS. As soon as each new version of Mac OS X is released, Intego provides software compatible with the new operating system, leveraging new possibilities in Mac OS X to provide powerful new features to keep its users secure.

Intego was the first company in the world to offer a personal firewall for Macintosh, and was also the first to offer native Mac OS X (Cocoa) security solutions. Intego also offered compatibility with Mac OS X, Jaguar, Panther, and Tiger, Apple's new Intel processors, and all of Apple's innovations before its competitors. Intego's users can be confident that their software will continue to progress as other changes are made to Mac OS X and Macintosh computers.

Go to their web page and download a demo of their software, then give them a call at (512) 673-0700 between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Make sure to mention that you are calling about the MUG offer to get the special 20% discount."

Here's a link to the Rhode Island MUG review:

If you have any questions or if I may be of further assistance, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Best wishes,

Jane Amschwand
500 North Capital of Texas Hwy
Suite 8-150
Austin, Texas 78746
aim: janeintego

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