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December 18, 2006



Apple User Group Bulletin - Members, December 18, 2006


1] - Expo News: Woz is Keynote Speaker for User Group University

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak headlines User Group University 2007's
star-studded roster of speakers and sessions also featuring Terry
White, Christopher Breen, Adam Engst and Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus, along
with training sessions by Tom Piper, Rick Ortiz and Pat Fauquet.

Add in a vendor reception with some of the top names in the computer
industry and an end-of-evening raffle and this year's UGU for user
group leaders will be an event to remember.

User Group University

Registration closes December 22, 2006.

2] - Expo News: Adobe PA & User Group Leader Breakfast

Join presenters Terry White and Dave Helmly at the San Francisco
Marriott hotel on Wednesday, January 10 for the ever popular Adobe
Professional Association & User Group Leader Breakfast.

Register today.

This event is limited to two members per group.

3] - Expo News: Town Meeting for User Group Newsletter Editors

Are you the editor of your group's newsletter? Macworld presents an
excellent opportunity to network with other newsletter editors.
Looking for new ideas? Want to share some challenges? Let's get
together and talk on Tuesday, January 10, at 2 p.m. in the User
Group Lounge.

Be there.

4] - Expo News: The Sixth Annual MWSF FCPUG SuperMeet

One of the most important Macworld events for video professionals is
the Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet. On Wednesday, January 10, the
sixth annual SuperMeet will be held at the Club Mezzanine, starting at
7 p.m. Great speakers, show and tell, and a wonderful raffle are on
offer, as well as a chance to network with others in the field.

The Final Cut Pro User Group Network

SF Cutters

Boston Final Cut Pro User Group

Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group

Chicago Final Cut Pro Users Group

5] - The Apple Effect: iMUG and the Melbourne Museum

iMUG, the Victoria, Australia, Internet Macintosh Users Group has
partnered with the Melbourne Museum to display a history of Apple
computers through December 30. With everything from a working replica
of an Apple I, an original Macintosh and a LaserWriter to a Bondi blue
iMac, iPod and even a podcast tour and tour-based Dashboard widget,
iMUG, Apple Australia and the Melbourne Museum have created an exhibit
of note while adding a number of firsts for the Museum.

Read how Apple changed the way we play and work.

Learn about iMUG

6] - State of the Mac: Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus at Capitol Mac of Austin

On December 14, well-known author and user group supporter Bob "Dr.
Mac" LeVitus presented his fifth annual State of the Mac address to
the members of Capitol Mac in Austin, Texas. Not only did he offer
thoughts about the future of the Mac, but the group gave attendees a
free copy of their holiday CD, including demos of many of Bob's
favorite applications and utilities. The group rounded off the evening
with a raffle of $1,000 (US) worth of donated software. Wow!

Read the press.

Learn about the group.


7] - Expo News: Show Floor Volunteers

One of the best ways to experience Macworld Expo is from the inside.
If you are headed for San Francisco in January and want to spend a few
hours as a Macworld user group volunteer, let the Macworld User Group
Planning Team know.

Email to reserve your spot today.


8] - Milestones

This month's column includes a group who first met in 1979. Happy
anniversary to a worldwide list of some of our oldest groups. Want to
see your group listed? Send an email with date and year to

1979 Apples BC Computer Society

1980 Laguna Woods Village Macintosh Users Group

1980 Space Coast Mac Users Group

1985 Macintosh User Group of Oneonta, NY

(Congratulations to Apple User Group Advisory Board
Chair Elsa Travisano and the members of MUG ONE.)

1987 Tucson Macintosh Users Group

1989 Christian Macintosh Users Group

1991 fiMUG - Finnish Macintosh User Group

1996 Woodward Macintosh Users Group

1998 MacFreak Interactive

2001 Boston Final Cut Pro User Group

2001 Hellenic Macintosh User Group



These User Group discounts are brought to you by the Apple User Group
Advisory Board.

You must be a current Apple user group member to qualify for these
savings. Not a member? Join an Apple user group today to take
advantage of these special offers.

1] - Softpress & Have | Host: 25 Percent off Freeway 4 and Hosting

Softpress and Have | Host have combined their efforts to offer great
discounts for Apple user groups to get Freeway 4, the award-winning
web design application and first-class Mac-friendly web hosting.
Design your site visually, let Freeway 4 write standards-compliant
code and upload automatically to your web space.

Members pay only $210 (US) for Freeway 4 Pro, $75 (US) for 4 Express,
and get a 25 percent discount off all full-priced hosting contracts
from Have | Host.

To purchase, get the relevant codes from your User Group Leader and
enjoy one or both offers; it's up to you.

Order today.

Freeway software:

Have | Host services:

This worldwide offer is valid through March 31, 2007.

2] - No Starch Press: 40 Percent off all No Starch Press Books

Check out the new paperback version of the bestselling Cult of Mac, a
celebration of all things Mac. Also available: the hardcover edition
of The Cult of Mac, Apple Confidential 2.0, The Cult of iPod, Just
Say No to Microsoft, Steal This Computer Book 4.0 and many more!

User Group members can visit the web site and view the complete online
catalog, then use the voucher code to receive a special 40 percent
discount on all No Starch Press books.

Voucher code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)

View the No Starch Online Catalog.

This worldwide offer is valid through March 31, 2007.

3] - Migilia: 25 Percent Off Miglia TV Products

Miglia Technology offers innovative audio, video and communications
products. If you are interested in watching, recording, pausing or
rewinding live TV on your Mac, then Miglia's TVMicro, TVMini HD and
TVMax are for you! If you'd like to leverage the power of Internet
telephony and make free worldwide phone calls, the Dialog products may
interest you. For those into audio, check out the HarmonyAudio,
Microsound and Diva products!

Migilia offers user group members the following specials, each at 25
percent of regular prices:

* TVMini HD: regularly $199 (US), user group price $149 (US)
* TVMicro: regularly $99 (US), user group price $74 (US)
* TVMax: regularly $249 (US), user group price $187 (US)
* HarmonyAudio: regularly $199 (US), user group price $149 (US)
* Microsound: regularly $29 (US), user group price $19 (US)
* Dialog: regularly $79 (US), user group price $59 (US)
* Dialog+: regularly $99 (US), user group price $74 (US)
* Diva 2.1: regularly $99 (US), user group price $74 (US)

Learn more - order online.

This North America-only offer is valid through March 31, 2007.

4] - That's Easy: Apple User Group Market & Apple User Group Offers

Looking for information on a past offer? Tom Piper, Apple User Group
Advisory Board vendor coordinator, publishes a single page with all
current offers, expiration dates and codes.

Also, be sure to subscribe to Tom's Apple User Group Market Report
podcast, a great source for information about Apple user groups,
vendor discounts, special events and more.

* Issue nine contains interviews with Leslie Ayers, Stacey Levy and
Mike Basseilio of Mac|Life.

* Issue ten includes an interview with Lynn Poos, Apple User Group
Advisory Board member, talking about the UGU event, Macworld and more.

Current offers

(Request code from Club Ambassador)

Apple User Group Market Report Podcast


5] - The MUG Store: Redesigned for Even Greater Savings

The Apple MUG Store has been redesigned to offer you even more great
deals. If you haven't looked in a while, check out the Apple MUG
Store. You'll find great prices, lots of special offers, blowouts on
Apple products and more!

Be sure to remind your membership to give a peek
every so often. When your members buy from the MUG store, the store
sets aside one percent of your group members' purchases, which your
group can use to buy anything from the store!

User ID: ipod
Password: (Request code from Club Ambassador)

This US-only offer is valid through January 31, 2007.

For information about vendor offers and more visit

Sandy Foderick,
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Tom Piper,
Vendor Relations
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Elsa Travisano,
Text and Archival Editor
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Jeff Mosqueda,

Get involved. Join a user group near you.

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