Apple User Group Bulletin
June 15, 2007


Apple User Group Bulletin - Members, June 15, 2007


1] - TriValley Special Event: A Visit From "The Woz"

The Tri-valley Macintosh Users Group (TMUG) will be hosting speaker
Steve Wozniak ("The Woz") at their June 21 meeting. The meeting starts
at 7 p.m. and is open to everyone. At the end of his presentation Mr.
Wozniak will be signing his new book, "iWoz."

Be there.

(Thanks to TMUG President Izak Mutlu for this tip.)

2] - Working Together: Auburn Multimedia Users Group and Apple

On June 21, Auburn University Mac User Group (AUMUG) will be co-hosting
an Apple Education Seminar that is a part of the National Association of
Broadcasters (NAB) Road Show. Want to learn more about Final Cut Pro or
Adobe CS? This event is for you.

You don't have to be a member to attend.


3] - Shake, Rattle and Roll: Brinkman Visits Hong Kong Final Cut Pro

Ron Brinkman will present a workshop at Apple Hong Kong on July 9. A
respected supervisor in the visual effects and animation world,
Brinkmann's film credits include "Die Hard With A Vengeance," "James And
The Giant Peach," "Contact" and "Valiant."  Needless to say, the members
of the Hong Kong Final Cut Pro User Group will be there.

Check it out.

4] - A Nod to the Past: Kansas Fest 2007

Kansas Fest, the only computer festival dedicated to the Apple II
computer, will once again be held at Rockhurst University in Kansas
City, Missouri, from July 17 - 22. With the KFest Kookout, HackFest
programming contest and more, this event is known as Summer Camp for

Release your inner geek.

5] - Main Line Mac: A Summer Picnic With a Twist

For many user groups, summer is a time for outdoor fun. And when an
Apple user group has a picnic, you can look forward to more than just
burgers and lemonade. When the Main Line Macintosh User Group had their
Seventh Annual Picnic-In-the-Park they brought what every picnic needs:
an AppleTV, HDTV and a Pixar movie.

See a photo taken that day.

6] - Groups in the News: MUG ONE and the Mid-Atlantic Groups

User groups have received some great press recently. Bob (Dr. Mac)
LeVitus wrote about the joys of user groups in a recent MacObserver
column (including groups in the Mid-Atlantic U.S.) and Elsa Travisano,
President of MUG ONE and Chair of the Apple User Group Advisory Board
was interviewed for a Daily Star article questioning which is better:
Macs or PCs. Guess which one she chose?

Read the Daily Star article.

Check out Bob LeVitus' thoughts on Apple user groups.

7] - Milestones

This month's milestones include two groups who first met as early as
1978. Happy anniversary to some of our oldest groups and some newer
ones too! Want to see your group listed? Send an email with date and
year to

1978: Maryland Apple Corps
(Warm wishes to President Chris Yavelow and the MDAPPLE team.)

1978: The Minnesota Apple Computer User Group
(Greetings to long time Ambassador Bruce Thompson and long time members
of Minnesota's Mini'app'les.)

1980: Apple-Dayton

1980: Rhode Island Apple Group
(Hi to Editor John Gentile and members.)

1984: Clan Macintosh
(This is the link to pictures from a 1987 ClanMac meeting.)

1985: Stavanger Macintosh User Group (SMUG)

1985: San Gabriel Valley Mac User Group
(Greetings To Webmistress and Ambassador Deborah
Shadovitz and officers of SGVMUG.)

1986: Aerospace Employee Association Macintosh Users Group
(Hi to Vice President and Ambassador Ann Mazuk and members of AMUG.)

1991: Maui Apple Users Society
(Hello to Apple User Group Advisory Board member and group President
Rick Ortiz, Webmaster Chris Saribay and the MAUIMAC club.)

1992: MacNorth Computer Club
(Thanks very much to Ambassador Ray Conroy for this tip.)

1995: InterMactivity
(Congratulations to Frederik De Pauw, Algemene Coordinatie,
and members of InterMac.)

1997: MacAttorney
(Greetings to founder Randy Singer.)

2000: MacUserGroup Uni-Koeln
(Hello to members at the University of Cologne.)

2002:, Deutschlands

2005: Nashville ProVid


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5] - CC Wear: Custom Dust Covers 25 Percent Off

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6] - The MUG Store: A Resource for Old and New

The MUG Store offers great specials and blowouts your members should
scour through every month. It's like an online garage sale of Mac odds
and ends with extra special offers and deals.

The MUG Store's consultants are available to talk about the latest and
greatest Apple products, as well as the country's best selection of
pre-owned Macs. Tell your people to give them a try. With one percent of
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User ID: harmony
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This U.S. only offer is valid through September 30, 2007.

7] - Apple User Group Market & Apple User Group Offers

Looking for information on a past offer? The Apple User Group
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Current Offers
Password - easy

Also, be sure to subscribe to the Apple User Group Market Report
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Apple User Group Market Report podcast

For public information about vendor offers and more visit:

Saundra Foderick
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Tom Piper
Vendor Liaison
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Elsa Travisano
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Jeff Mosqueda

Get involved. Join a user group near you.


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