Apple User Group Bulletin
February 16, 2007



Apple User Group Bulletin - February 16, 2007


1] - Club Fun: Apple Ski Week for Umbria MUG

For a group that has been in existence for just a few years, Italy's
Umbria MUG officers and members certainly know how to have a good
time. This time they are planning a week-long event from March 10-17,
with great fellowship, evening tutorials, third-party product
demonstrations and all things Apple. If you have seen pictures of
their last few MacDinners, you know that this is one group who knows
how to combine tech talk and great events.

Learn more.

2] - State of the Mac from Dr. Mac (Bob LeVitus)

Want to hear a real State of the Union speech? User Group University
Dream Team presenter Bob (Dr. Mac) LeVitus will offer his thoughts on
the state of the Mac Union in Houston on Saturday, February 17.

Join Apple User Group Regional Liaison Rex Covington, Houston Area
Apple User Group (HAAUG) President Phil Booth, Vice President Doug
Smith, Sig Coordinator Rick Roberts, Jeff Davis and the HAAUG
membership for Bob LeVitus' State of the Mac Speech at Rice

Be there.

3] - Brigham Young User Group: BYU Presents iOscars

Last year's iOscars - sponsored by the Brigham Young University
Macintosh User Group (BYU MUG) - was a hit. This year's annual event
has been announced and they expect that it will be even better. Don't
own a camcorder? Never made a movie? No problem: BYU MUG can answer
all your questions. Make a movie, submit it no later than March 12,
and you just might win a prize.

Find your inner artist.

4] - Groups in the News: Pi and the Post

Former Apple User Group Advisory Board member Lorin Evans and the
volunteer experts of Washington Apple Pi were featured in a recent
article in the Washington Post on refurbishing and reusing older
computer systems and equipment.

Think old computers aren't worth much? The article notes that Lorin
was able to retrieve Apple II geneological records for a family. For
them, the information was probably priceless.

Check out the article

Visit the Pi.

5] - User Group University: Podcasts of Sessions Now Available

Did you miss User Group University at Macworld? You can still listen
to podcasts of presentations by Steve Wozniak, Bob LeVitua, Chris
Breen, Adam Engst, Rick Ortiz, Pat Fauquet, Tom Piper, Lorene Romero
and the vendor panel members. Some are already posted, with more
to come.

Hear the best of UGU.

6] - Macworld Expo: User Group Highlights Page Now Available

With links to photos of User Group University, the User Group Guides,
User Group Booth and User Group Lounge, podcasts and more, the User
Group Advisory Board's Macworld Expo pages offer a great peek at the
cool things user groups did this January in San Francisco.

Relive the fun.

7] - MacCamp: Saginaw and Midland Mac Join for Hands-On Learning

MacCamp in Michigan is all about hands-on learning, and the folk of
Saginaw Macintosh Users Group (SMUG) and Midland Mac (MIAMUG) are back
for another series of high-energy sessions. Past MacCamps have covered
Skype, podcasting, Photoshop, iPhoto, bulletin boards and more. What
will they cover this time? Be there on March 3 to find out.


(Thanks to President Betty Larsen of SMUG for this tip.)

8] - Milestones

This month's milestones includes Marsee Henon of O'Reilly, who just
completed her fifth year of working with groups. Congrats Marsee!

Worldwide, this month sees groups whose first meeting convened as long
ago as February of 1978 and includes a HyperCard group, showing that
when Apple groups have a good thing going it lasts. Visit their web
sites to see the members and activities that contribute to their
longevity and success.

Feb 1978 AppleSiders of Cincinnati
(Greetings to President Terrance Crooker.)

Feb 1978 Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange

1979 Mountain View AppleUG (now called Mountain View Computer UG)
(Thanks to President John Buono for this tip.)

Feb 1984 North Florida Macintosh Users Group
(Congrats to President Len Kaufman and group.)

Feb 1984 Massillon Akron Canton Macintosh User Group (Mac2MUG)

Feb 1984 Shenandoah Macintosh User Group
(Warm wishes to Apple Ambassador and UGN Editor Fred Showker.)

Feb 1985 MUGARA

Feb 1985 USC Macintosh User Group
(Greetings to Len Wines and the members of USCMUG.)

1987 MacinTech
(Thanks to Treasurer Andrea Suhaka for this tip.)

Feb 1988 Coastal Mac User Group
(Congratulations to President Pat Curran, and ambassaddor and
former AOL User Group Forum leader Rick Curran.)

Feb 1988 Mugport
(Happy anniversary to Michael Lynch and members of MUGport.)

Feb 1999 International HyperCard User Group

Feb 2000 Digital Video Detroit
(Visit their table at the Semafx Creative Congress on Feb. 21)

Feb 2002 University of Maryland Baltimore County Macintosh User Group

Feb 2002 UCSF Mac OS X Interest Group

Feb 2002 Virginia Tech's Mac Users Group
(Warm wishes to President Nikolaus Bauman and club members.)

Congratulations on their two year anniversary to UmbriAMUG - Umbria
Mac User Group


SPECIAL OFFERS - Apple User Group Bulletin - February 16, 2007

These User Group discounts are brought to you by the Apple User Group
Advisory Board and Tom Piper, vendor relations.

You must be a current Apple user group member to qualify for these
savings. Not a member? Join an Apple user group today to take
advantage of these special offers.

1] - Speck Products: Sweet Deals While Supplies Last

Speck has become a dominant market leader in the iPod, MacBook, smart
phone, cell phone and satellite radio accessory category, selling
spirited, fun and unique products.

Speck's special deals for group members include:

- MacBook SeeThru 15", clear or red (Core Duo version only)
    $25.00(US); regularly $49.95 (US)
- iPod Video (60gb/80gb) SeeThru (3-pack of clear, black, red)
    $15.00 (US); regularly $29.95 (US)
- iPod nano (first generation) Canvas Sport (pink, black, white)
    $12.00 (US); regularly $14.95 (US)
- iPod nano (first generation) ToughSkin (clear, black)
    $12.00 (US); regularly $14.95 (US)

User group members also get an additional 15 percent off online items
by ordering from and using the code below during
check out.

Coupon Code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)
Not valid at any other online/retail store carrying Speck products.

This worldwide offer is valid through May 31, 2007.

2] - Case-mate: Mac Notebook Accessories at 20 Percent Off

Protect your MacBook or MacBook Pro by choosing from any combination
of Case-mate products. Items that are immediately available include

- innovative Handle that doubles as a passive heat sink; regularly $50
- sleek leather Sleeve, regularly $89-$99 (US)
- luxurious leather Suit, regularly $149-$159 (US)
- Glovez thoroughly modern neoprene laptop cases, regularly $25-$29

These Case-mate products make your laptop more convenient to carry
and easier to use, all while protecting it from dirt, dust and

User group members receive 20 percent off any Case-mate product by
using the coupon below.

Coupon Code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)
Not valid at any other online/retail store offering Case-mate

This U.S.-only offer is valid through May 31, 2007.

3] - TopXNotes: 25 Percent Off

TopXNotes has evolved from a simple replacement for Apple's Notepad
into a modern note organizing system. Its unique features include
MultiView, the ability to view many notes at once and a sliding
toolbar that keeps text controls above where you type. NoteOrganizer
is an advanced table-of-contents with user-defined categories/groups.
The most popular benefit is instant desktop access via QuickNotes to
your critical information. TopXNotes also includes automatic backups,
unlimited Undo, Find and note-encryption to keep sensitive
information safe.

User group members receive a 25 percent discount by purchasing
TopXNotes for $22.50 (US), regularly $30.00 (US), or TopXNotes iPod
for $26.25 (US), regularly $35.00 (US) at their web site by using the
coupon code below.

Coupon Code
(Request code from Club Ambassador)

This worldwide only offer is valid through May 31, 2007.

4] - The MUG Store: A Resource for Old and New

The MUG Store offers great specials and blowouts your members should
scour through every month. It's like an online garage sale on Mac odds
and ends with extra special offers and deals!

The MUG Store's consultants are available to talk about the latest and
greatest Apple products, including all the great products introduced
at the Macworld Expo. Be sure to give the store a try. With one percent
of member purchases credited to your organization, everyone wins!

User ID: Leopard
Password: (Request code from Club Ambassador)

This U.S. only offer is valid through April 30, 2007.

5] - That's Easy: Apple User Group Market & Apple User Group Offers

Looking for information on a past offer? Tom Piper of the Apple User
Group Advisory Board publishes a single page with all current offers,
expiration dates and codes.

Also, be sure to subscribe to Tom's Apple User Group Market Report
podcast, a great source for information about Apple user groups,
vendor discounts, special events and more.

Current Offers

Password - (Request code from Club Ambassador)

Apple User Group Market Report podcast

For information about vendor offers and more visit

Sandy Foderick,
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Tom Piper,
Vendor Relations
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Elsa Travisano,
Text and Archival Editor
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Jeff Mosqueda,

Get involved. Join a user group near you.


Information about third-party offers and promotions was provided to
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courtesy and makes no representations and disclaims any liability
regarding offers and promotions. Please direct questions about an
offer or promotion directly to the appropriate third party.

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