Apple User Group Bulletin
January 16, 2007



Apple User Group Bulletin - January 16, 2007


1] - Regional News: MacIG Spreads News of German Groups

Not all user group activity takes place in a conference room, library
or school. The MacIG Kaiserslautern has a standing reservation at a
local restaurant for the last Tuesday of each month. How can you tell?
The MacIG web site keeps track of user group meetings, reviews and
information for German speaking user groups from multiple countries.

See what's happening with groups in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

2] - Getting New Members: A Clever Program Topic Might Help

The Gateway Area Macintosh Users Group had a clever idea for a January
meeting: showing attendees how to use the technology that members
received as holiday gifts. What a great topic for a any post-holiday
meeting and one that could be a real draw for the computer using

See the resources this Missouri group offers its members.

3] - Groups in the News: Palm Beach Post Features Palm Beach MUG

When Palm Beach Post staff writer Fred Marion happened upon the Palm
Beach Macintosh User Group web site, he decided to investigate. The
result was a wonderful article, including an interview with Apple User
Group Regional Liaison Gary Kampel. Mr. Marion's final thoughts? "I
realized then that I like the fact that they spend an evening every
month talking about computers. I fully understand them."

Read the article.

Visit the group.

(Congratulations to Apple User Group Regional Liaison and PBMUG
past president Gary Kampel, and the members of PBMUG.)

4] - Guides in the News: Macs Only Reports on Expo Volunteers

When Bill Fox, editor for Macs Only, mentioned the pleasure of seeing
User Group Guides on the Expo show floor, he was only reporting what
many have said: "...they look like a neat idea to us. Staffed by
volunteers from Apple User Groups, they will help anyone find anything
at Macworld, including getting seats at show floor demonstrations."

Read the article.

(Thanks to former Apple User Group Regional Liaison
Michael Henigan for this tip.)

5] - User Groups at Macworld Expo

User groups had a full week of events at Macworld Expo in San
Francisco, starting with Monday's User Group University and wrapping
up as Bernie Powell of NCMUG disassembled the User Group photo exhibit
in the show floor booth on Friday afternoon.

In the coming weeks we'll post some cool, fun and exciting pictures
on the User Group Advisory Board web site. Check back often to see
what went on. You're sure to recognize some familiar faces from around
the world.

Got some photos or .Mac links you'd like to see featured? Send 'em in!

6] - Thank You: Volunteers

Every January, Macworld Expo bring things to do, tips to learn and
friends to meet, but the week does not happen by accident. Thanks to
the more than 150 volunteers who spent so much of their time to make
the week so memorable.

In particular, thanks to the planning team who worked the better part
of the year to ensure fun filled activities. Thanks to TAG Team
president Dan East and Chuck Joiner of the MUG Center for their
contributions to User Group University. Thanks, too, to Lorene Romero
of NCMUG who contributed her time and effort to bring in the shirts
used by the volunteers all week. Finally, a big thank you to Ilene
Hoffman of MacWoburn for her wonderful Party List. User group events
at Macworld couldn't have happened without these people and their hard

See the planning team.

7] - Thank You: Sponsors

For User Group University and the other events at Macworld San
Francisco, sponsors provided products for raffles, presentations and
financial support. We could not put on UGU without their generosity.
Be sure to thank these companies that helped user groups get together
and spread the word.

Macworld User Group Sponsors

8] - Milestones

Turn on the "Way Back" machine. This month's milestones include groups
whose first meeting convened as long ago as January of 1977. Many have
a claim to be the first of their type and all have been around for
more than 20 years. Congratulations to some of our oldest groups!

January 1977 - Denver Apple Pi

January 1978 - Colorado Macintosh Users Group

January 1978 - Washington Apple Pi

January 1978 - Apple Corps of Dallas
(Warm greetings to Taylor Sharpe, a wonderful advocate for the ACD.)

January 1978 - AppleRock (formerly Little Rock Apple Addicts)

January 1979 - Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users' Society, Inc

January 1979 - Big Apple Users Group

January 1979 - Syracuse Macintosh Users Group

January 1984 - Corvallis Macintosh User Group

January 1985 - Tri-Valley Macintosh Users Group


SPECIAL OFFERS - Apple User Group Bulletin - January 16, 2007

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1] - PocketMac Products: 40 Percent Off

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2] - Fascinating Arctic Quest: 40 Percent Off Most Products

In Arctic Quest for Mac, your quick wits can stop the coming of a new
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3] - Mobilejuice MacSleeve: 10 Percent Off

Bring your year to a wild start with MacSleeve Jungle! This funky
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4] - The MUG Store: A Resource for Old and New

The MUG Store has some great specials and blowouts your membership
should be sure and scour through every so often -- it's like an online
garage sale on Mac odds and ends, as well as special offers and deals!

In addition, the MUG store consultants are available to talk about
the latest and greatest Apple products, including everything
introduced at the Macworld Expo. Tell your people to give them a
try -- with one percent of member purchases going to your
organization, everyone wins!

10/31/2006 - 01/31/07
User ID: (Request code from Club Ambassador)
Password: (Request code from Club Ambassador)

01/31/2007 -04/30/07
User ID: (Request code from Club Ambassador)
Password: (Request code from Club Ambassador)

This US-only offer is valid through April 30, 2007.

5] - That's Easy: Apple User Group Market & Apple User Group Offers

Looking for information on a past offer? Tom Piper of the Apple User
Group Advisory Board, publishes a single page with all current offers,
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Also, be sure to subscribe to Tom's Apple User Group Market Report
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Current offers

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Apple User Group Market Report Podcast

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Sandy Foderick,
Apple User Group Advisory Board

Tom Piper,
Vendor Relations
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Elsa Travisano,
Archival Editor
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Jeff Mosqueda,

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