Maryland Apple Corps Board of Directors

(current: Stephen Demczuk)
Prepares Agenda for Board meetings
Sends notices of Board meetings to Board members
Presides at Board meetings
Suggests ideas for development and growth of organization
Represents organization when needed
Provides leadership and guidance for organization

(current: Pete Saybolt)
Presides in absence of President
Reserves meeting room times in library
Acts as liaison with Baltimore County Library

(current: Marvin Dean)
Handles financial affairs of Maryland Apple Corps
Maintains checkbook and other financial materials
Reports to board about current status of monies and current members
Disburses payments and deposits funds
Maintains database about members
Prints name labels for meetings
Prints mailing labels as needed

(current: Harris Silverstone)
Takes minutes of board meetings
Presents TIPS at General Meetings
Acts as general guru about all things relating to computers and life

Club Ambassador
(current: Steve Fox)
Acts as the liaison with Apple Computer and Apple Computer User Groups
Manages contact list for officers with Apple Computer.
Notifies members about all events, special offers and important information
Forwards newsletters from vendors
Provides information concerning software and hardware offers by vendors – local and national
Assists in planning and helping programs to be presented
Answers requests for assistance by members

Program Chairperson
(current: Open)
Arranges for guest and local presenters
Contacts presenters and obtains information for web site
Sends thank-you’s after presentations

Meetings Coordinator
(current: Larry Carton)
Brings meeting materials to meetings
(flyers, raffle & door prize items, sign-up sheet, previous newsletters, etc.)
Posts signage
Obtains and sets up sound equipment
Runs Q & A before meetings
Makes announcements- introduces club to guests
Mails renewal notices
Picks up mail

Hospitality Chairperson
(current: Diane Moskowitz)
Greets members and guests at general meetings
Contacts guests after meetings

Newsletter Editor
(current: Open)
Oversees the publishing of User Group newsletter
Assigns interested individuals as reporters to submit articles
Reviews articles submitted by other contributors
Approves final review and layout prior to publication

(current: Steve Fox)
Maintains website
Updates material on website

Board member
Attends board meetings
Participates in selection of programs and other activities of the organization
Other duties as needed.

Term of office (all & at large)
All officers are members of the board and serve for 2 years (can be extended)


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